What is your craft?  

Do you want to sell your work online?  

Handmade Hub is the perfect platform to do that. We are building a community to share expenses, and resources to help each other sell our products. 


* Products must be handmade by YOU.

* Products must be designed by YOU.

* You may sell physical products, and / or digital products (ie. greeting cards etc)

* Your should have good / clear photographs of your products.

* No selling of items bought elsewhere are permitted.

*  You should be able to arrange shipping to the customer.

* You should agree to uphold a professional conduct in accordance with Handmade Hub.

*  You should be willing to market your page, and like, share and comment on other Handmade Hub sellers

This is a TEAM effort, let us help each other!

How it works?

Handmade Hub is a multi-vendor e-store. Every vendor runs their own store, and deals directly with a buyer.

Handmade Hub charges a flat commission fee of 13%. This covers the payment gateway, bank charges of EFT's and the basic admin.