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Cindy Levey

Bespoke Shweshwe Bags – you can support her store at Bespoke Shweshwe Bags – Handmade Hub

I have another small business (project management) which took a huge knock when Covid lockdown happened.

My brother-in-law, Gavin who is now retired & living in Queenstown, was trained in clothing manufacture & pattern making many years ago in Johannesburg.

We had occasion to visit last August when he showed me a few basic bags that he was making to supplement his pension. I bought a few and thought that I could possibly find an outlet for him in Gauteng.

Always being a handbag nut and loving the Shweshwe prints & colours, the idea festered and I thought “Why not me?” So Bespoke Shweshwe Bags was born.

I do the designing and fabric combinations with input and buying by my niece Natalie. Gavin does the manufacture.

We try to do only one or two bags the same unless we get a run on orders on a particular design – but again limit numbers to no more than 4 so that they remain unique.

Bespoke Shweshwe Bags – Handmade Hub

Handmade Hub absolutely loves these bold and beautiful bags, and highly recommend them!

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