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Donna Fischer

Soy Handmade – you can support her store at Handmade Hub

I am Donna Fischer the owner of Soy Handmade. A small business based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I started my small business in my matric year as a way of letting out my creativity and sharing my love for candles with others. All drawings on my product labels are hand-drawn by myself. My business began in the dining room of my parents home and has gradually increased, I now have a dedicated room for my small business. 

Each candle is handpoured with love. I do everything from hand pouring each candle, to marketing, to the financials and so on. My largest order to date is 100 large candles for Universal Music cares.

I run my small business as a side hustle as I am a second year university student but do not worry, each other is given the utmost attention. I hope to pack up your order soon.  

Handmade Hub

Handmade Hub recommends the gift pack, it is divine and a lovely gift.

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